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British Southern Whale Fishery

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British Southern Whale Fishery - Voyages

Name of Vessel
A Vessel Name may refer to more than one vessel.
Year Sailed
In some cases the Year of sailing may be the only temporal record available.
More than one Master may be indicated for a particular voyage where appropriate.
The Owner may be shown as an individual or as a registered Company.
Port of Sailing
In cases where the Port is unknown, this field has been left blank.
Place of Building
Where vessels were captured or taken as prizes, the Country of origin is shown instead of a place.

How to use the Database

  1. Select one of the Search options above.
  2. Select a value from the drop-down list
  3. Press the corresponding "Submit" button

*** You may enter any part of a name, such as "bert" to search for "Roberts", but this would also find "Cuthbert".


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